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Website restoration - 2018-03-03

Hello everyone and welcome on !

If you read this message, it means two things :
- either you have known this website and you come back to find your favorite partitions
- or you find it by looking through my Youtube page
- or both.

Anyway, my Youtube page and my website will be back in use from today ! In fact, because of my studies, I deglecte a little bit the piano but I will try to keep steadier rhythm.

Shortly, I will publish this list (partial) of cover :
- Unravel (Tokyo Ghoul OP 1)
- Glassy Sky (Tokyo Ghoul OST)
- Howl Moving Castle Theme
- Give Life Back To Music (Daft Punk)
- Honki Moodo (Prince of Tennis OST)
- some Bruno Mars (I don't know which one for the moment)